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FF/Paramedic Kurt Stich working an emergencyKurt Stich- Owner/Operator at Safety Operations Services - Firefighter, Fire Instructor 1,IFSAC, Paramedic, Senior EMT  Instructor, ACLS Instructor, BLS Instructor, AHA Faculty Member, All-Hazards Incident Management Team Operations Section Chief Trainee and Division Supervisor and he has served on events as a Planning Section Chief; Kurt has over 20 years experience working as a firefighter/paramedic with several of those years being the Fire Department Chief. He has also lectured and instructed Internationally. He teaches EMT, IV-T, ACLS, BLS, Fire Academy, Incident Command, Wildland Firefighting and Tree  Falling Techniques, Firefighter Survival Training, Emergency Preparedness and many ongoing training classes along with offering commercial and industrial consulting.            

EMT/IV-T Betsi Stich teaching class
Betsi Stich- Owner/Operator at Safety Operations Services -  Washington Branch Manager, EMT, IV-T, BLS    Instructor, AHA ECC Coordinator, Moulage Artist (Injury Simulation Technique); Betsi  has over 20 years experience working as an EMT/IV-T on an Advanced Life Support Ambulance.Her extensive moulage training brings a realistic atmosphere to any class experience. She works as an American Heart Association Facility Coordinator and teaches classes in Blood borne Pathogens, Substance Abuse in the Workplace Training, CPR, First Aid, EMT, IV-T, and many ongoing training courses.   
FF/Instructor Darryl Arrera
Darryl Arrera - Firefighter, Fire Pump Operator, Fire Officer, Fire Instructor, Wildland Firefighter, EMT-IV, EMT-Tactical, Reserve Police Officer, Hazardous Materials Technician, Incident Command Systems, Rope Rescue Technician, Watercraft Rescue Specialist, Fire Investigator, IFSAC Evaluator, BLS Evaluator, First Aid / CPR Instructor.Darryl Arrera has 22 years of fire, EMS, and specialty emergency services experience. Having been a volunteer and career firefighter EMT, IV technician, and fire officer, Darryl has also been a reserve Police Officer and SWAT team Medic. He has taught as a member of the fire service, as an instructor for Lower Columbia College, Lower Columbia Occupational Health, Peace Health. Darryl has been an instructor, course coordinator, department training program supervisor, and has developed and presented training at all levels. He specializes in developing and presenting scenario based training, and works hard to ensure a quality training experience emphasizing personnel safety while reinforcing key points with practical exercises.  

Dave Cooper  firefighter,instructorDave Cooper- Firefighter, Paramedic, Associates Degree in Fire Science, Tactical Emergency Medical Operator(SWAT MEDIC); Dave has 13 years experience in the field of EMS and Fire Service.

FF James Graham at wildland fireJames GrahamFirefighter, Fire Instructor 1,IFSAC, BLS Instructor, EMT,  HazMat Technician, Tactical Emergency Medical Operator(SWAT MEDIC), ICC Fire Plans Reviewer and ICC Fire Inspector 1 & 2, All-Hazards Incident Management Team Planning Section Chief Trainee and Task Force Leader; James currently serves as a station captain at his home department and has 15 years experience working in fire department operations and fire code administration.

               Erik Dearth - Firefighter, Firefighter1, Paramedic, Marine Patrol Technician, Extrication Technician, BLS Instructor, Marine Certified Firefighter 1 & 2, Bachelor of Science Degree from Washington State University and Central Washington University. He teaches Occupational Wellness and performs ongoing training for Emergency Response Teams. Erik has many years of experience in water rescue, marine survival and dive rescue as well  as experience in High/Low ropes and Haz-Mat operations.

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Jeremy Huff- Firefighter, Paramedic

FF Sergeant/Municipal PD Scot Neves
Srgt Scott Neves -Certified by the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission in the following areas: Peace Officer, 1st Level Supervision and Middle Management, Emergency Vehicle Operations Instructor, Drug Abuse Resistance Education Instructor and Middle School, Field Training Officer, Cultural Awareness for Instructors, Hostage Negotiations Certified in Crisis Intervention, Active Shooter Response Instructor, Firefighter, IFSAC, Disaster Preparedness,Crime and Fire, EMT, Certified by the Environmental Protection Agency at the On-Scene Incident Commander Level for Hazardous Materials Incident, Certified by the National Fire Protection Agency in the following: Manipulative Skills Instructor (also certified by the State of Washington), Managing Company Tactical Operations, Arson Investigations, Certified by the Washington Emergency Management Division at ICS-400 Command and General Staff – Complex Incidents level; Scott has taught adult learners for the past 25 years in varied learning environments from field training to the college class room. He has over 10 years of experience teaching at the Elementary School Level and over 26 years of experience in teaching Law Enforcement training including all phases of criminal investigations. Scott is a past instructor for the Cowlitz County Reserve Academy and for the past 23 years has trained Law Enforcement Officers in many aspects of the Criminal Justice System. He currently holds the rank of Sergeant with a local law enforcement agency where he oversees operations, finance, plans and logistics. Scott has over 24 years of experience in Fire Suppression and Emergency Medical Service. He recently retired at the rank of Group Supervisor from a local fire and EMS organization where he managed volunteer stations in all aspects of fire suppression and EMS. Scott has instructed all phases of Fire Suppression and EMS for the past 22 years including being a  lead instructor for the Cowlitz County Fire Academy. He has instructed all phases of Disaster Preparedness for the Cowlitz County Department of Emergency Management for the past 10 years and has been an adjunct instructor at Lower Columbia College for the past 8 years.

FF Travis McWain at Fire Service TrainingTravis McWain - Firefighter, Fire Pump Operator, Fire Instructor, Wildland Firefighter, EMT-IV Technician, Hazardous Materials Technician, Incident Commander Type 4, Fire Investigator, All Hazard Strike Team Leader, and has an Associate Degree in Fire Science. Travis McWain has over 20 years of experience in Fire, Emergency Medical and Specialty Emergency Services. Travis is an Instructor, Course Coordinator and Department Training Specialist. He teaches S-130, 190, 131, 200, 230, 231, I-100, I-200, I-700, I-800, Basic and Advanced Structure Firefighting Skills, Hazardous Material Awareness and Operation Levels.

Ofcr Jeff Gann,  Gann (1).jpg
Ofc. Jeff Gann  - Certified by the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission as: Peace Officer, Child Interview Specialist, Crime Scene Investigator, Control and Defensive Tactics Instructor.
Jeff has been a police officer in Washington State for 8 years. He is currently assigned to the patrol and investigations division of a local law enforcement agency, and also works as an instructor at the Washington State Basic law Enforcement Academy in Burien, WA. Prior to his career in Law Enforcement, Jeff spent several years as an industrial safety trainer and safety coordinator with a large wood products company in Washington. He is currently a state-certified instructor in control and defensive tactics, impact weapons, OC spray, ground survival tactics, and weapon retention/disarming. He also holds instructor certifications in active-shooter response tactics, Taser electronic control devices, and Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint. Jeff has prior training as an advanced medical first responder, first aid/CPR, and basic fire suppression. He has coached youth sports including baseball and soccer, and spent time as a leader with the Boy Scouts of America and well as being the Cub Master for the local Cub Scout pack for several years. Jeff has over 20 years experience teaching, coaching, and mentoring at both the youth and adult levels.

FF/Captain Mike ZainfeldMike Zainfeld- Firefighter,Paramedic, BLS Instructor, BLS Evaluator, Firefighter  Instructor 1, NWCG certified Task Force Leader,NWCG certified Training Specialist, Hazardous Materials Incident Commander, Incident Safety Officer,  IFSAC, Training Specialist in Type 2 Incident Management; Mike has over 18 years of experience in the fire  emergency medical services and is currently serving as the Captain of the Training Division of his fire department where he has been instrumental in developing and implementing a comprehensive training program. He has 16 years experience in operations with wildland firefighting and is currently a Division Supervisor in training with fire assignments in Washington, Oregon and California. Mike has served as an Operations Section Chief, Incident Information Officer, Incident Safety Officer, and currently as Incident Commander in training on a FEMA Type-3 All Hazards Incident Management Team with several all-risk incident assignments. Mike serves as a Board Member of the Washington State Fire Chief’s Training and Safety Officer’s Section and is active throughout the State of Washington promoting fire training and safety, he is proud to be a life-long student of “Leadership” and continues to learn and has a desire to pass on to others his career and life experiences.  

RN Randi Bleau at emergency
Randi Bleau - Alaskan Branch Manager, RN, ACLS, PALS, BLS Instructor; Randi has over ten years of field experience in Advanced Life Support Emergency Medicine and has worked for the last several years in a local Emergency Department and in Outpatient Surgery centers.  She also provides in home training for injectable medications throughout Alaska.

RN Jesse Kirgis in emergency roomJesse Kirgis - RN, ACLS, BLS Instructor; Jesse began working as an EMT in Emergency Departments and then obtained her Associates Degree in Nursing from the University of Alaska, Anchorage. She currently puts her skills to use working as an RN at Alaska's Heart Institute. 

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Kurt Stich -see Bio above

firefighter, instructor
Andrew Schaffran- Firefighter, Battalion Chief, EMT, IV-T, BLS Instructor, Firefighter 1, IFSAC; Andy has over 20 years experience serving in the Fire and EMS Service in all capacities including several years as a Fire Department Chief. Andy now spends time teaching Internationally, most recently in Manila, Phillipines.

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