Safety Operations Services - Providing Excellence in Safety Training for Business & Industry
                        Classes and Services

   Heartsaver CPR & AED

   American Heart Association is considered the 'gold standard' in CPR, First Aid & AED training. Safety Operations Services offers classes that will give you the training that's not only accepted but preferred by employers everywhere. Obtain the best training available by attending our American Heart Association certified classes. See the following video example of hands-only CPR

   Fire Extinguisher Training
   Occupational Hazards Training
   Substance Abuse In the Workplace

   Give your employees the reassurance of a safe working environment by providing them with training customized specifically for the hazards or dangers that they may encounter in their individual workplace. Instead of using 'generic' safety classes, Safety Operations Services will deliver a program that incorporates the needs of your company with the knowledge and experience of our Instructors to provide you with individualized training of the highest level available. See the following video example of fire extinguisher use -

   Training Protocol Manuals
   AED Implementation Programs
   See following AED video demonstration -

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